Just look at this glorious website!

Behold the glory of the newly created, free website! Look how expensive it appears to be! Probably worth hundreds of IsKr. For all you know.

Cover art for one of my numerous books. This one is not coloured in yet.
Available via these finely crafted links:

Notice how the paperback cover is different from the electronic cover?
A novel about a guy who has to work to keep the post-scarcity future going. Culture has split into a ruling elite, that is entirely unaware of what goes on outside their neighborhood, basic workers, who may consider other options than work for the fun of it, and some unpleasant human subspecies who’ve evolved to live on the dole.
A teenage girl gets stuck with a crazy and lonely lesbian who wishes she was a character in a never-ending fetish porn, and uses every effort to try to turn her world into this. Too bad this is a space-monster horror story.

This site also has tanks.

Not just cover art, but also interior art.


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